Bulthaup in Love

I saw the first picture of Bulthaup in 2014, when I read the Bulthaup catalog in a Studio. The first impression was “I like the material, I like the design”. I’d like to touch it, and then I went to Bulthaup Chiarenza I met an amazing person Marzia “Mars”. She talk about the Bulthaup products […]

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City in BIM

I’m very happy, sometimes I tried to design a part of city but it was lavish now I found an interesting java application. This is a part of my little project maybe after a few days you see a sheet. See you space BIMer

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Hi, I have a Bachelor degree in Scienze dell’Architettura [L-17] with my thesis “VIRIDIA SUSTINE_BIM to support the Sustainable Design”. I discovered REVIT in 2013 then I continued to research and to study the different functions of this software. I’m grateful to Diletta (the Woman who help me to make the correct choice) and UGO […]